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“extraordinary performance...I can only describe this play as a must see – surreal, and yet a compelling questioning of our everyday lives.”

                                                                         — Daniel Donnelly, The Mumble, International Cultural Surveyors

"We are reminded of the fragility of existence and the power of loneliness in a formidable hour of theatre.

...This surely a piece of theatre to return to; each moment onstage is so deeply layered and carefully considered that I feel sure every spectator had a totally different theatrical experience."


"In an Edinburgh fringe programme bursting at the seams with shows exploring countless issues; The Last One takes on a multitude of complex themes and studies them with an intensely tender scrutiny. In an hour, we are taken on a journey through an existential crisis and which feels completed though not resolved. It is a show that truly packs a punch and one that is not to be missed."


“Today’s electrifying performance by Gema Galiana and two other actors will surely remain etched in the memory of spectators for long for the manner it showcased the unique universal and timeless potential of the human body as a powerful tool of expression so as to stir emotions and responses in an audience.”

-Daily Excelsior

“The honor of being truly exceptional offerings of the festival in terms of innovative treatment of form, technique and universal relevance of the content, could easily go to American play ‘The Last One’ by Gema Galiana...”

- Daily Excelsior

"Past Hope Now is timeless in that it can’t be pinned down to any era, it is evocative and nostalgic without tugging unnecessarily at too many heartstrings, it is fresh without trying to be fashionable and it is effortlessly experimental without seeming to try too hard to be clever"


"This is physical theater. The choreography and staging, though sometimes brutal and violent, is beautiful due to its authenticity and realism. None of the actors hold back. They are fearless."



"I felt many emotions and this moving performance brought up questions that I didn’t know how to answer.  I love when art does that.  I feel blessed to have witnessed the artistic experience that Anthony Nikolchev and Gema Galiana took me through in their production..."


“Beautiful and mesmerizing performances bring a unique physicality to universal themes about human relationships.”

“A beautifully crafted combination of physical theatre, contemporary dance and performance. 


"All The Things You Said… has its audience moving from laughter to pained silence in an instant”

“An absorbing delicacy and simplicity in the way that the epic intertwines with the quotidian.”

 - Savannah Whaley for The Londonist


"Brutal honesty to earnest affection and back...not just a roller coaster ride for the couple, but for the audience too"

"A mix of dance, spoken word and physicality makes this BRILLIANT performance for theatre lovers and those new to dance looking for a great experience 

 - London's The 411 (435)


"One of the most interesting and creative performances I’ve seen all year"   


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