performer: gabriel jiménez


sound design gahyae ryu

light design r.s.buck

video design sebastian salfate



text after: fernando pessoa, peter handke, calderón de la barca, anthony nikolchev

text composition: anthony nikolchev


directed/choreoghy: gema galiana

Produced by Galiana&Nikolchev’s The Useless Room in collaboration with The Electric Lodge 

This piece explores the physical relationship between the quotidian and poetic world that surrounds us. A metaphoric space and body of lost memories that come back to transform us. The body is an engine of words that are not pronounced, a generator of memories that relates and unite us. The conflict of struggling or enjoying daily life routines. Being confined by these patterns we have tried to escape by regaining our lost memories but we still are in the minuscule space that we call home.

GALIANA&NIKOLCHEV©     Physical Theatre - Los Angeles